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Useful weblinks: Catwoman

  • This beautifully illustrated limerick version of the fable is from the book Baby's Own Aesop (Walter Crane, illustrator).
  • Some versions of this fable purport that Aphrodite returned the woman to her cat form after she chased the mouse. This animation follows this plot-line. It manages to show the love the couple share very well and the plot of the fable is easy to grasp, despite the lack of speech.
    Using the woman’s shadow, this picture cleverly betrays her true nature.
  • The message behind the fable seems to be that you can’t change who you are – nature will always win out over nurture. Do your students think this is correct? Are people able to change?
  • This site leads the reader through the nature-nurture debate. It starts with a definition before examining ancient and contemporary views on the argument, including examples.
  • Funny pictures about nature vs. nurture: