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Useful weblinks: The Donkey and the Wolf

  • Milo Winter (1886-1956) illustrated many of Aesop’s fables. The wolf in this illustration looks quite scrawny and vulnerable!
  • Ask students if they feel sorry for the wolf – do they think he was planning on hurting the donkey before he got tricked or was he genuinely trying to help? It is often difficult to tell if someone is lying or telling the truth (although many people try and there are lots of signs to look out for – see this site on how to detect lies).
  • Students could re-enact this brief play based on the fable.
  • What is the moral of the fable? Perhaps it is that everyone has his trade and should stick to it. Or perhaps it is trying to spread the message: ‘stop trying to be something you’re not’!
  • Fear of the lion causes the donkey to formulate a plan of escape. Often fear helps us to deal with scary situations – it readies us for a ‘fight or flight’. In other words, fear protects.
  • However, some fears (phobias) can be debilitating and make life difficult.
  • This site explains in simple, effective language different types of fears, why they occur and what they do to the body.