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Useful weblinks: The Farmer's Daughter

  • The girl in the fable begins by fantasising about creating butter from the milk. Do your students know how butter is made from milk? If not, find out here!
  • This video recreates the story with some very well-drawn characters. Imagination is good, but you also have to focus on certain things (like walking!)
  • The fable has been popular for a long time. Check out this 1972 animation.
  • Milo Winter (1886-1956) illustrated many of Aesop’s fables: his milkmaid certainly looks upset!
  • Jean de Lat Fontaine composed this poem about the fable. The ending of the poem gives a different view of the ‘moral’: Everybody dreams awake; there is nothing sweeter. Perhaps the dreaming in itself is the best part, not the realisation of those dreams.
  • A similar sentiment is expressed by this saying. The idea seems to be that ‘having one’s head in the clouds’ can provide temporary relief from hardship and can be a pleasurable activity in itself, regardless of the insubstantial nature of the imaginings.
  • Only fertilised eggs can hatch into chicks – the others are generally eaten. Hence why you shouldn’t count eggs as chicks before they hatch because some of them won’t turn into chicks! Find out more facts about chicken eggs.
  • Check out these funny pictures concerning the moral ‘Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched’: