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Useful weblinks: The Old Man, Boy and Donkey

  • Here is a written retelling of the tale.
  • This beautifully illustrated limerick of the tale is from the book Baby’s Own Aesop (Walter Crane, illustrator).
  • The fable has even been turned into a simple, catchy song!
  • Although the voices sound very strange and computer-generated in this video, it has a fun moral message at the end.
  • This animation is very well done.
  • Honore Daumier chose to depict women mocking the old man sat atop the donkey in this picture.
  • This same scene is used by Ferdinand Hodler in this painting, although here the tale looks as if it is set in Victorian times.
  • The fable even appears sewn into this cloth!
  • Milo Winter (1886-1956) illustrated many of Aesop’s fables. For this tale, he drew more than one picture, since there are so many parts to the story: the donkey carrying both and both carrying the donkey.
  • Elihu Vedder retold the tale in 9 different drawings. Follow the story via the website of the Metropolitan Museum (where they are currently held): 12345678 & 9