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Useful weblinks: Unity

  • Students have probably heard the saying ‘strength in numbers’. This – and the merits of working together and helping others instead of arguing with them – seems to be the message which this fable is trying to spread. Check out some related quotes and pictures below:
  • This beautifully illustrated limerick version of the fable is from the book Baby’s Own Aesop (Walter Crane, illustrator).
  • This animation includes more than three sons, but the message of the story still comes out loud and clear: ‘United, you will defy all dangers; divided, you will fall prey to all your enemies.’ This video is linked to another one, also retelling a fable of Aesop – find the animation and more information on this other fable (Fields of Gold) on this page.
  • Another animation uses Lego© bricks to tell the story!