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Daedalus and IcarusMetamorphoses: Tales of Change

The Metamorphoses tales and other Greek myths featured here often involve some form of transformation and explore many aspects of human nature: greed, curiosity, vanity, generosity, arrogance, creativity. This makes them a very powerful springboard for discussion and creative work.

The stories

The stories are listed below in the order we suggest you teach them in the classroom (and alternative ideas for orders are available here). Click the links to access audio recordings and other teaching materials.

Creation 1 - The Very Beginning (7 mins): How earth and sky became separated
Creation 2 - Prometheus (5 min 28 sec): The children of Prometheus inherit the earth
Creation 3 - Pandora (13 min 15 sec): Prometheus locks away bad things from his children but Pandora can't resist looking inside

Demeter and Persephone
 (9 min 58 sec): How the seasons came to be
Orpheus and Eurydice (11 min 18 sec): Newlyweds Orpheus and Eurydice are cruelly separated by fate

The Time of Greed - part 1 Lycaon
 (3 min 27 sec): The gods are disappointed to see humanity behaving like animals
The Time of Greed - part 2 Deucalion (5 min 6 sec): The earth is submerged in water and just two people are spared by the gods 

 (10 min 2 sec): Erysichthon chops down a tree sacred to Demeter to demonstrate the gods do not exist

King Midas part 1 (6 min 41 sec): Midas is granted a wish he lives to regret
King Midas part 2 (7 min 50 sec): Midas misjudges a god and tries to hide his foolishness

Baucis and Philemon
(9 min 17 sec): a couple offer two strangers food and shelter in a storm
Echo and Narcissus (7 min 34 sec): the nymph, Echo, falls in love with a man in love with his own reflection
Adonis and Aphrodite (14 min 37 sec): The beautiful Adonis divides his time between Persephone and Aphrodite  
Actaeon (7 min 14 sec): Actaeon stumbles on the goddess of hunting while she is bathing
Calydonian Boar Hunt (12 min 36 sec): A vision comes to pass when a mother's brothers are killed by her own son
Cygnus (5 min 1 sec): Cygnus can't be harmed by weapons but armour is another matter
Arachne (7 min 36 sec): Arachne claims to be a better weaver than Athene, the goddess of handicrafts
Phaethon (8 min 11 sec): The son of the Sun asks for proof - with disastrous consequences

Daedalus and Icarus
 (8 min 18 sec): Wax and feathers don't hold together well against the heat of the sun
Theseus and the Minotaur (11 min 51 sec): Theseus tricks Ariadne into helping him defeat the bull-headed Minotaur
Labyrinth (33 min 24 sec): With the recreation of Talos' maze as its backdrop, this series of longer, inter-related stories incorporates versions of the tales above which will already be familiar and will be a useful stepping stone to the longer stories of War with Troy and Return from Troy.