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Useful weblinks: Return From Troy, Episode 7

Back From The Dead
ODYSSEY MAP: From Hades to Circe
    Map showing Odysseus' return route from Land of the Dead back to Circe.
Odysseus and Circe back together...
    but not forever... 
Kirk Douglas and Silvano Mangano play the roles in this 1954 film "Ulysses".
Source for the above section
> Homer, Odyssey, Book 12.

Siren Song
    From ancient times the Sirens were located on the "Sirenuse" islands (today called Li Galli islands) off the Amalfi coast in Italy.
Siren Islands
    These small islands (now called Li Galli) offshore from the rocky cliffs near Positano and Amalfi must have wrecked many ancient ships. 
Here's a romantic, misty view and a map.
Sirens: the image
    The most famous of all images of the Sirens is this one on a Greek vase (full picture), dating c.480-70 BC, now in the British Museum. 
See the IMAGE GALLERY below for many more ancient and modern images.
Sirens 1
    Short and sweet info on these half-human, half-bird mythical creatures.
Sirens 2
    More detailed info from Wikipedia.
Sirens 3
    Highly detailed article quoting ancient sources.
    They're calling you...
Source for the above section
> Homer, Odyssey, Book 12.

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