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Visual aids: Return From Troy, Episode 9

  • Odysseus is transported to Ithaca by King Alcinous’ men
    Based on L’Odyssée d'Homère gravée par Reveil d'après les compositions de John Flaxman (Paris, 1835)
    After wandering for twenty years, Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca with the help of King Alcinous’ men. Notice the care with which the sailors lie the sleeping Odysseus down. At his feet are some of the items he has been given as gifts along his journey. Odysseus’ sufferings, however, are not over yet!

    Suggested activities
    Think about what would be in the background here. Learners could draw the ship to emphasise the fact that Odysseus came in a ship under a strange sail. The shore and mountains of Ithaca which Odysseus described long ago could be shown and perhaps Athene, invisible but standing over Odysseus to care for him.

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