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Visual aids: Return From Troy, Episode 10

  • Penelope and Telemachus
    Based on an Attic red figure skyphos attributed to the Penelope painter, 430 BC, Museo Civico, Chiusi
    Telemachus speaks with Penelope as she sits discouraged by her loom. A partially woven cloth is on the loom (perhaps Laertes’ shroud, which Penelope is secretly unravelling during the night). In the Odyssey, Telemachus is never represented as visiting Penelope in her chambers. Why do you think that might be?

    Suggested activities
    This is a very clear picture of a loom and we can see how it works. There are warp threads hanging down, held in place by weights tied on at the bottom. At the top is the roll of cloth which has been woven and below it the section of weaving in progress showing a pattern of animals. This is the bit that Penelope would have kept undoing. There are bars going across to separate the threads.

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