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Useful weblinks: Return from Troy - Episode 1o

Odysseus and Telemachus

Father and his son are reunited as Odysseus reveals his true identity to Telemachus. This 19th century painting by Lucien Doucet shows this moment: Ask your students to think about how each character might be feeling at this point.  

Here is a good discussion of Odysseus and Telemachus’ relationship. It also discusses Homer’s intentional characterisation of Telemachus. Encourage your students to think about the character of Telemachus before reading this. How do his actions show his maturity and his similarity to Odysseus?  


These images show Odysseus with his faithful dog: A 17th century etching by Theodore van Thulden, a sculpture depicting the two and this vase painting shows Argos with Odysseus and Penelope  

The suitors

This modern comic image by Graham Annable depicts the suitors in the palace with Penelope: Compare it with this image by John Flaxman, ‘Phemius singing to the Suitors’ 1805, and this image from a red-figure vase dating to 450BC: What is similar and what is different in the portrayal of the suitors over time?

The final image shows the suitor on the right flicking the dregs of his wine from his wine cup. Another image showing this: The drinking game of kottabos is depicted in both these images. See here for a description of how the game worked: Kottabos was usually played during a symposium, or drinking party. The suitors have become so comfortable in Odysseus’ palace that they are behaving as though they are at a symposium.


A good description of Homer’s character:  Antinous is one of the worst suitors. Ask your students to explain who they would cast as Antinous in a modern-day version of the Odyssey.


Xenia is covered in episode 8 - click here to view and click 'back' in your browser to return to this page.