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Useful weblinks: Return from Troy - Episode 11


Disguise is common in the Odyssey. Odysseus is still disguised to Penelope in this episode. This terracotta relief from around 450 BC shows Odysseus, still disguised as a beggar, with Penelope. This painting by Giani Felice (1758-1823) shows the same scene.

There is a discussion of disguise and deceit in the Odyssey here: This page: discusses themes in the Odyssey, including disguise. Ask your students to think about how effective Odysseus’ disguises are in the Odyssey. What are the pros and cons of him being disguised?

Penelope’s dream

John Flaxman has also produced an image of Penelope’s dream:
Why do you think Odysseus doesn’t reveal his true identity to Penelope? How do you think she is feeling after this dream?


Information on Eurycleia:

These images show Eurycleia washing Odysseus:

How do you imagine Eurycleia would feel at this point of recognition?

Odysseus preparing

This painting from the Palazzo Milzetti by Giani Felice (1758-1823) shows Odysseus preparing for his vengeance by hiding the weapons with Telemachus.

The bow contest

This image by John Flaxman: shows Penelope carrying Odysseus’ bow out to the suitors so they can compete to marry her. How does this image further characterise the suitors and Penelope?

There have been many images trying to picture the contest that Penelope sets out. Ask your students to look at these ideas and decide which, if any, they think depicts Penelope’s description of the task.

Symbolism of the bow

This is an interesting discussion on symbolism in the Odyssey, looking at (among other things) the bow: How does the contest characterise Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus and the suitors?