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Return From Troy: The story of Odysseus

Odysseus braves the harpiesReturn from Troy tells the story of Odysseus’ journey home following the Trojan War. Listen to the stories and access teaching resources via the links below.

The story

Our version of Homer's Odyssey is divided into twelve episodes, each of which contains either two or three 'tracks'.

Episode 1: A Stranger from Troy
Episode 2: Odysseus Starts his Story
Episode 3: My Name is Nobody
Episode 4: The Calm Before the Storm
Episode 5: Bewitched
Episode 6: The Land of the Dead
Episode 7: Torment and Trial
Episode 8: Shipwrecked
Episode 9: A Stranger in his Own Land
Episode 10: A Beggar in his Own Palace
Episode 11: Setting the Trap
Episode 12: Home