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Story Summary: War with Troy, Episode 1

On this page we have split the telling of this episode into its three main sections and provided a summary of each.

Peleus and ThetisPeleus wins his bride (6:16) 

Zeus, king of the Greek gods, falls in love with an immortal sea-nymph called Thetis, but a prophecy warns that if she should have a son, that son will become greater than the father. So Zeus makes Peleus, a Greek king who loves fighting wars, fall in love with Thetis. Peleus wins Thetis’ hand, but not without a struggle.

The wedding of Peleus and Thetis (6:11) 

All the gods attend the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, bringing splendid presents. Eris, goddess of arguing, is the only immortal not invited, so she drops amongst the wedding guests a golden apple with an inscription “To The Fairest”. This causes a serious argument between Hera (wife of Zeus), Athene (daughter of Zeus, goddess of war and wisdom), and Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), and gives Zeus a headache.

The birth and childhood of Achilles (3:41) 

Peleus and Thetis have a baby boy, Achilles. Thetis is warned by an oracle that if Achilles ever goes to war he will win glory but die young. Afraid, Thetis dips baby Achilles into the river Styx in the Underworld so making him invulnerable (except on his heel). Aged 12, he is secretly stolen away by his mother who is still fearful of the prophecy that he will die young if he goes to war. She disguises him as a girl and hides him amongst women on an Aegean island, Skyros. There he and the warrior Patroclus become best friends.

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