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Visual aids: War With Troy, Episode 1

Below are a series of links and suggested activities for using visual aids to support the teaching of this episode.

  • Peleus and Thetis
    Based on a cup by Peithinos, c. 500 BC. Antikenmuseum, Berlin-Charlottenburg. 
    Peleus seems to kneel before Thetis rather than wrestle with her. He does not appear too troubled by the lion on his back or the snakes entwining themselves round his arm and leg. Though these animals represent the different shapes that Thetis adopted to avoid Peleus’ grasp, Peleus’ sword remains in its scabbard: he does not want to harm her.

  • Eris
    Based on Little Master cup, c. 560 BC. Antikenmuseum, Berlin-Charlottenburg.
    Eris, the goddess of arguing and trouble, is shown in the conventional pose of someone running at full speed. Is she always dashing about, causing mischief? She wears winged sandals, like Hermes. Her name is written below in Greek script, filling out the circular space available to the artist.

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