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Visual aids: War With Troy, Episode 2

Below are a series of links and suggested activities for using visual aids to support the teaching of this episode.

  • The judgement of Paris
    Based on a vase from Vulci, c. 520 BC. British Museum, London.
    On the right we can see Paris, ready to choose the winner of the golden apple. He is holding a lyre (linking him perhaps to Apollo, god of music as well as archery, and the protector of Troy). On his left stands Hermes, the messenger of the gods, who can be recognised by his staff, traveller’s hat and winged sandals. Hermes looks as though he is introducing to Paris the three goddesses on his left. Of the goddesses only Athene can be identified, by her snake-trimmed aegis (breastplate) and helmet; the other two are Hera and Athene.

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