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Story Summary: War with Troy, Episode 3

On this page we have split the telling of this episode into its four main sections and provided a summary of each.

On the Walls of Troy

Paris receives his promised reward (4:43) 

In Troy Paris can think only of Helen, and when Priam seeks someone to take a message to King Menelaus in Sparta Paris leaps at the chance. When Paris arrives at Sparta he finally sees Helen and at once falls madly in love. But Helen is devoted to her Menelaus and ignores Paris … until Aphrodite, goddess of love, fires an arrow of desire at Helen. Immediately, Helen falls in love with Paris. When Menelaus is called away on urgent business they sail away together and slowly make for Troy.

An oath remembered (3:07) 

When Menelaus discovers what has happened, he is furious. He goes to see his brother, Agamemnon, the high king of all Greece, and reminds Agamemnon of the oath all the kings swore — to protect Helen from anyone who might take her away. Menelaus demands action, so an army and a fleet of ships are prepared to sail to Troy to bring Helen back. Agamemnon is warned that the Greeks will only win if they have Achilles fighting with them. But Achilles has not been seen for many years, not since his mother Thetis spirited him away and hid him, dressed as a girl, among women. Agamemnon orders Odysseus, a king famed for his cunning, to search for Achilles.

Odysseus’ cunning plan (4:39) 

Odysseus sails to the island of Skyros disguised as a merchant. He conceals a sword amongst the goods he is showing to the women in the palace, and when his men launch a pretend attack on the palace, Achilles reveals his true nature by grabbing the sword. Odysseus persuades Achilles to join the Greek army against the Trojans with the promise that Achilles will become the most glorious warrior ever. Achilles, accompanied by his best friend, Patroclus, joins the Greek army.

Troy enchanted (4:01) 

Paris and Helen approach Troy, where the Trojans are planning a hostile welcome. But as soon as the Trojans see Helen they fall in love with her and King Priam swears to protect her from anyone who might take her away. Soon after, the Greek ships land on the Trojan shore.

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