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Useful weblinks: War With Troy, Episode 4

The Trojans' Secret Weapon
The Greek ships arrive at Troy
    1000 ships...
Homer, in his Greek epic poem The Iliad (c.750 BC) catalogues 1,186 ships.
The pleasing, round number of 1000 ships is first(?) given by the Greek playwright Aeschylus in his play Agamemnon (line 46), written 458 BC.
The Horses of Achilles
    In the ancient stories, in fact, Achilles only had two horses called Balius and Xanthus ("Dapple" and "Bay"); they were immortal and born of the West Wind.
Painted c.1700 in the style of Anthony Van Dyck; in the National Gallery, London.
Achilles leaps from his ship
    Yep - it's Brad Pitt as Achilles!
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 19.404ff (Greek epic poem, c.750 BC)
> Apollodorus, Library 3.170 (Greek book of myths, 1st C. AD)
> Ovid, Metamorphoses 12 (Latin epic poem, c.8 AD)
Achilles Makes his Mark
Death of Cygnus
    This old engraving shows the death of Cygnus. How does it differ from our account in War With Troy?
Cygnus transforming...
    ...into a swan.
Cygnus - the constellation
    After being transformed into a swan he was placed in the night sky as the constellation still called Cygnus.
The Myrmidons advance behind Achilles
Classical sources for the above section:
> Ovid, Metamorphoses 12 (Latin epic poem, c.8 AD)

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