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Useful weblinks: War With Troy, Episode 6

Achilles Humiliated / Agamemnon humiliates Achilles
The Daughter of the Priest of Apollo
    She is sometimes called Chryseis (meaning "daughter of Chryse"), and is the daughter of Apollo's priest Chryse.
Achilles seized her during his raid on the town of Thebe, along the coast from Troy.
This figure on a Greek pot probably shows her; it dates to c.350 BC and is in the Louvre Museum, Paris.
Briseis: ancient image
    Detail of a Roman wall-painting showing Achilles and Briseis from the House of the Tragic Poet in Pompeii. Now in the Archaeological Museum in Naples.
Briseis: modern image
    Played by Rose Byrne in the 2004 movie Troy.
Apollo: the archer god
    This famous Greek god was not just a pretty face who enjoyed music and poetry. Apollo also caused plagues by shooting his arrows at victims.
Detail of Apollo shooting his bow, on an Athenian red-figure vase (G341) by the Niobid Painter, dating c.475-425 BC. In the Louvre.
Apollo: the mouse god
    At this temple near Troy - the Smintheum at Chryse where Chryseis' father was the priest - Apollo was worshipped as the Mouse God. With his priest's daughter being abducted, it's no wonder Apollo got cross and sent the mice and plague upon the Greeks! The incident does show however, that the ancient Greeks realised a connection between mice and disease.
Calchas the Seer
    Detail of a Roman wall-painting from Pompeii (House of the Tragic Poet); now in the Naples Archaeological Museum.
Agamemnon angers Achilles 1: classical
    In fact, Achilles is so mad that he's drawing his sword to finish Agamemnon off... but Patroclus restrains him from behind.
Roman mosaic from Pompeii (House of Apollo); now in Naples Archaeological Museum.
Agamemnon angers Achilles 2: neo-classical
    In the poet Homer's version of this incident, the goddess Athene has to restrain Achilles from killing Agamemnon. Painting by Pierre Narcisse Guerin. Private Collection.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 1.1-305 (Greek epic poem, c.750 BC)
Zeus Grants a Wish
The Daughter of the Priest of Apollo goes home
    Odysseus takes Chryseis back home to her father.
Illustration by Willy Pogany from 1948 edition of American Weekly magazine.
Briseis is taken from Achilles
    Beautiful illustration by Alan Lee depicting Briseis' reluctant departure from Achilles. She may have been Achilles' slave-girl but she knows she's swapping a young hero for an old man... and both she and Achilles may genuinely have been in love...maybe!
There are more images, ancient and modern, of this episode here.
Thetis appears to Achilles
    Our hero goes into a sulk - or is he genuinely love-lorn - over the loss if Briseis... but his mum comforts him.
Illustration by Alan Lee.
Thetis asks Zeus a favour
    Famous image of Thetis crouching before an all-powerful Zeus asking favours for her son Achilles while a jealous Hera looks on.
By the French neo-classical artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1811, in Musee Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France.
Zeus with Weighing-Scales 1
    Zeus on Mt Ida lets scales decide the fate of the Greek and Trojan armies.
Zeus with Weighing-Scales 2
    Cover of a 1950 US comic version of Homer's Iliad.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 1.306-430; 488ff (Greek epic poem, c.750 BC)

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