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Story Summary: War With Troy, Episode 7

On this page we have split the telling of this episode into its three main sections and provided a summary of each.

Hector and Andromache

Divided loyalties (7:32) 

The leader of the Trojan forces, Hector, prepares for battle. Andromache, holding their baby Astyanax, tries her hardest to stop him going out to fight, but Hector insists that he has responsibilities for the country as well as his family. Astyanax, frightened by his father’s helmet, bursts into tears when Hector tries to kiss him. The Trojan army, confident in victory, pours out of Troy and across the plain to the Greek camp.

The Trojans gain the upper hand (4:15) 

The Trojans break down the defences of the Greek camp, driving the Greeks back to their ships, even managing to set fire to the Greek ships. Meanwhile Achilles refuses to help the Greeks, Instead he plays his harp, delighting in his revenge over Agamemnon.

The queen of Heaven, Hera, is alarmed at the turn of events. How can she help the Greeks fight back against the Trojans whom she despises? She first diverts Zeus’ attention away from the battle by seducing him and letting him fall asleep. Then she goes to the Greek Patroclus, Achilles’ best friend, and fills him with courage.

Borrowed armour (3:30) 

Immediately Patroclus knows what he must do. He goes to Achilles and begs to be allowed to wear Achilles’ armour. Achilles agrees. Patroclus re-enters the battle wearing the armour of Achilles, and the Trojans, believing mighty Achilles to be back fighting, flee in panic back to Troy. The Greeks are saved.

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