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Visual aids: War With Troy, Episode 7

Below are a series of links and suggested activities for using visual aids to support the teaching of this episode.

  • [pdf] Hector and Andromache
    Based on a Chalcidian vase, 550-530 BC. Martin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg.
    On the original vase the names of all the figures are written beside them. From the left they are Helen, Paris, Andromache, Hector and Cebriones (Hector’s attendant). Hector’s stature as a fighter is emphasised by his helmet and prominent shield, and in contrast to Helen and Paris, Hector and Andromache look each other full in the face. Noticeably absent from this painting of the scene is the baby Astyanax, who burst into tears at the sight of his father’s plumed helmet.

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