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Useful weblinks: War With Troy, Episode 7

Divided Loyalties / Hector's Wife Begs Him Not To Fight
Hector's Farewell: classical
    Greek red-figure vase, c.370-360 BC.; now in the Palazzo Jata museum in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy.
Hector's Farewell: neo-classical
    Neo-classical painting, c.1775, by Scottish artist Gavin Hamilton; in the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow.
Hector's Farewell: modern 1960's
    In this illustration from 1962 by Rene Peron, Hector's fearsome helmet takes centre-stage.
Hector's Farewell: modern 1970's
    Super, modern painting, 1970, by André Durand.
Hector's Farewell: movie
    The farewell scene in the 2004 movie Troy starring Eric Bana as Hector and Saffron Burrows as Andromache.
The Trojans Attack
    1950's illustration by Alice and Martin Provensen.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 6.392ff
Trojans Gain the Upper Hand / Trojan Successes Upset Hera
The Trojans Attack the Greek Ships
    Late 18th-century engraving by John Flaxman.
The Trojans Burn the Greek Ships 1
    Great 1950's drawing of the action by the French couple A. & M. Provensen.
The Trojans Burn the Greek Ships 2
    Timeless illustration by Victor Ambrus, 1997.
Hera seduces Zeus
    Painting by James Barry, c.1800, called "Juno and Jupiter on Mt Ida" - in the City Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK.
> In Homer's Iliad Hera remains asleep with Zeus while Poseidon stirs up the Greeks to fight harder.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 12; 14.153-353
Patroclus borrows Achilles' Armour
The Friendship of Patroclus and Achilles
    Beautiful Greek cup showing Achilles tending Patroclus wounded by an arrow.
Dating c.500 BC; now in the Altes Museum, Berlin.
Patroclus borrows Achilles' Armour
    Cover illustration by Paolo Rivera from Marvel Comics' 2008 Iliad series depicting Patroclus in Achilles' armour.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 16.1-377

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