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Visual aids: War With Troy, Episode 8

Below are a series of links and suggested activities for using visual aids to support the teaching of this episode.

  • [pdf] Achilles’ new armour
    Based on a black figure vase, sixth century BC. British Museum, London.
    With the death of Patroclus Achilles loses his armour. Before he can go out to fight Hector, he has to have new armour made by Hephaestus, the god of metalworking. Here Zeus presents Achilles’ new armour to Thetis, who had persuaded Hephaestus to undertake the task. Behind Thetis one of her sisters holds a spear and greaves. For obvious reasons the artist has not tried to show on the shield the very detailed scenes described in the second part of Episode 8 (closely based on Homer’s description in the Iliad).

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