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Useful weblinks: War With Troy, Episode 8

Zeus Awakes / Patroclus' Success Upsets Zeus
Hera, Athene and Thetis supporting the Trojans
    Painted plaster-cast of a sculpture that once adorned the Siphnian Treasury (c.525 BC) at Delphi, in Greece.
Here's the original in the Delphi Museum..
Patroclus Climbs the Walls of Troy
    Excellent impression of what the walls of Troy may have looked like in the War. Illustration from 1986 by Peter Connolly.
Here's a modern-day Patroclus scaling the walls of Troy.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 16.684-728
Hephaestus to the Rescue / Hephaestus Replaces Achilles' Armour
Death of Patroclus
    The death of Patroclus is not recounted in War With Troy but you can read how Apollo dazed him and then Hector killed him in Homer's Iliad, Book 16, lines 777 ff.
Illustration by Victor Ambrus, 1997.
Thetis comforts Achilles
    Alan Lee, 1993, encapsulates Achilles' sense of loss.
Hephaestus 1: ancient
    The god of metalworking is shown on this Greek vase riding a donkey - notice he carries his blacksmith tools: hammer and tongs.
Painted c.430-420 BC; in the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, USA.
Hephaestus 2: modern
    Splendid drawing from 2005 by cartoonist Marc Lapierre.
Hephaestus gives Thetis the new Armour 1
    Two-handled jar (amphora) depicting Hephaestus polishing the shield of Achilles before giving it to Thetis.
Made in Athens by the Dutuit Painter, c.480 BC.; Now in Boston Museum of Fine Arts, USA.
Hephaestus gives Thetis the new Armour 2
    Greek vase by the Foundry Painter, c.490-80; now in the Altes Museum, Berlin.
The Shield of Achilles: simplified
    A simple diagram showing how the decoration on the shield may have been set out.
The Shield of Achilles: interactive
    Click the sections to read the full description of the shield as told by the Greek poet Homer in his poem The Iliad.
The Shield of Achilles: detailed
    A reconstruction based on Homer's long, detailed description of the shield in Iliad 18.
The Shield of Achilles: in silver-gilt
    Designed by John Flaxman and made by Philip Rundell in 1821, this splendid shield is in the UK's "Royal Collection".
Classical sources for the above section:
> Homer, Iliad 18.1-145, 369ff

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