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Visual aids: War With Troy, Episode 9

Below are a series of links and suggested activities for using visual aids to support the teaching of this episode.

  • [pdf] Achilles and Hector
    Based on a vase by the Berlin Painter, 490-480 BC. British Museum, London.
    This picture captures the moment when Hector is deserted by the gods. The figure on the right is Apollo, turning his back on Hector with a final look over his shoulder. Meanwhile Achilles, urged on by Athene (on the far left), presses home his advantage. The angle of the fighters’ spears emphasises Achilles’ forward movement and Hector’s backward stumble.
  • [pdf] Hector desecrated
    Based on a vase by the Leagros Group, c. 510-500 BC. Delos Museum.
    In this scene the painter has merged two elements of Homer’s story, Achilles’ lament at the tomb of Patroclus (shown as a mound on the extreme right) and his desecration of Hector’s body which he attaches to his chariot and drags round the walls of Troy. Between Achilles and the tomb floats the winged soul of Patroclus (Hector’s can be seen on the far left). At Achilles’ feet lies the body of Hector, face up here rather than face down as in Homer’s Iliad.

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