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Useful weblinks: War With Troy, Episode 11

Secrets Revealed / Achilles' Secret is Revealed
The Love of Achilles
    Achilles' love for Polyxena is the cause of his death in various versions of the Trojan legend.
In the 2004 movie "Troy", the role of Polyxena is combined with that of Briseis (played by Rosie Byrne) - and Achilles dies whilst saving her from the destruction of Troy.
The Death of Achilles: Greek vase
    Detail of an Athenian vase, dating c.460 BC, which depicts Paris shooting his bow, Apollo directing the arrow, and Achilles being struck in his vulnerable heel.
Painted by the "Niobid Painter"; in the Ruhr University Art Gallery, Bochum, Germany.
The Death of Achilles: baroque painting
    The Death of Achilles by Peter Paul Rubens, 1630-32. in the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam, Holland.
The Death of Achilles: neo-classical sculpture
    Statue by Ernst Gustav Herter, 1884, in the Achilleon on Corfu, Greece.
The Death of Achilles: 21st century movie
    Brad Pitt gets it in the heel in Warner Bros. 2004 movie.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Dictys of Crete, Journal of the Trojan War 4.10-11 (Greek novel, at least 2nd C. AD)
> Dares of Phrygia, History of the Fall of Troy 27,34 (Latin novel, 6th C. AD)
Last Rites for Achilles / A Mother Honours her Famous Son
Thetis Mourns for Achilles: ancient
    Greek vase from Corinth, dating to c.560 BC, depicting Thetis and the Nereids grieving over the dead body of Achilles. In the Louvre Museum, Paris.
Thetis Mourns for Achilles: modern
    2007 digital art by Sil Enigma from Australia.
The Funeral of Achilles
    Beautiful painting by contemporary American artist Adria Wells.
Classical sources for the above section:
> Dictys of Crete, Journal of the Trojan War 4.13 (Greek novel, at least 2nd C. AD)

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