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Story Summary: War With Troy, Episode 12

On this page we have split the telling of this episode into its three main sections and provided a summary of each.

The wooden horse

Odysseus’ big idea (4:29) 

With their best warrior dead, the Greeks realise they cannot take Troy by force alone. Odysseus, famed for his cunning, devises a plan to capture the city. He orders a large wooden horse to be built. This is left outside the city walls as an offering to the goddess Athene. The Greeks then sail away out of sight. The Trojans think the Greeks have sailed back to Greece and rejoice in their victory. They take the wooden horse into Troy and begin their celebrations.

A couple reunited (4:34) 

That night out of the wooden horse emerge Greek warriors, led by Odysseus. They open the city gates and let in the rest of the Greek army who have sailed back under the cover of darkness. The capture and destruction of Troy by the Greeks begins. Menelaus seeks out Paris and Helen. He kills Paris, but as soon as he sees his wife Helen again, he is spellbound by her beauty and she also falls back in love with him. They are reunited in love.

Agamemnon kills Priam as he sleeps and other Greeks, bent on revenge, snatch baby Astyanax from Andromache and throw him from the battlements.

A dream comes true (4:48) 

The gods, looking down on the destruction of Troy, are appalled. Zeus sends thunderbolts to bring towers and walls crashing down on the Greeks. As Hecuba, along with other Trojan women, is dragged away into slavery, she looks at the burning city and realises that the dream she had when she was expecting Paris has now come to pass.

The story ends with Eris, the goddess of arguing, reflecting that everything has happened ‘because of one golden apple’.

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