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Stories and teaching resources

Free retellings of the War with Troy: The story of Achilles, Return from Troy: The story of Odysseus and Metamorphoses are available directly from the homepage. A wide range of teaching resources for each story is available alongside each audio file.

CDs and teaching guides

The recordings of stories on this site are also available to order on CD:

Hard copy teachers' guides to accompany the above CD sets are also available to order: 

Note if you require multiple copies, please call us first on (+44) (0)1223 361 458 so we can give you the most economical price on postage.

Alternatively, just complete and return our order form, call us on (+44) (0)1223 361 458 or email us []. We can also create for you CDs of the Metamorphoses and Aesop’s Fables for £19.99 (inc. VAT) each.

Resources produced by other teachers

Below are resources produced by teachers for pupils and other teachers which relate to using the materials featured on this website. To share your own resources please email them to

Images of Gods and Goddesses

Choose from a selection of images and illustrations of gods and goddesses to support teaching of War with Troy

Dance and Music

Download a unit of work for dance based on War with Troy. CSCP has worked with the composer Paul Antonio Ortiz to provide to schools, at no charge, music to support dance interpretations of War with Troy. The music comes in five tracks and may be downloaded from the links below, then copied to a CD or mp3 player for use in school:

Track 1: Introduction (1m 31s) 1.43 MB
Track 2: The Wedding (2m 11s) 2.01 MB
Track 3: The Battle (3m 19s) 3.12 MB
Track 4: The Final Love Song (2m 50s) 2.66 MB
Track 5: The End (1m 57s) 1.83 MB